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Have you been in search of a reliable travel agency service provider in Canada? Then you should connect with us as we are one of the top travel agencies here in the region. We have services from different locations such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg. We, the Best Travel Agency in Edmonton, have been providing our services for a long time and have several awards in our name. Further, we have happy clientele and a good reputation among the previous service takers. So, let us get on with a few locations you can visit through us. Here’s a shortlist of some of such locations located in different parts of the world. They have some brief details mentioned as to what you can visit when you are planning and help you plan the tours. So let us get on with the same.

A few places to visit in the world

1. Moscow

This is one of the most popular locations on the chart for tourists. Capital of Russia, here is a list of attractions in Moscow for its tourists from all over the world:


  •  Bolshoi Theatre
  •  GUM
  •  Lenin’s Mausoleum
  •  Red Square
  •  Museum of Cosmonautics
  •  Moscow Metro
  •  Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve and more.

Moscow refers to one of Europe’s best destinations, being the most enigmatic one. It has a fascinating history and fascinating colours for you in its architecture. The latter is awe-inspiring, something you will not find anywhere in the whole world. Again, it is one of the most populous cities in the world. Still, it’s strong social as well as cultural traditions remain unchanged. You can walk the cobblestone streets of Red Square and then the banks of Moskva River in the early morning. There is much more to enjoy here in Moscow. We are a top Travel Agency in Edmonton. And we help you plan your best tour to any location.

2. Cairo

First, let us go through the list of tourist attractions here in Cairo:

  • Pyramids of Giza
  •  The Egyptian Museum
  •  Al-Azhar Mosque
  •  Old Cairo or Coptic Cairo
  •  Khan el-Khalili, or Souq Quarter
  •  The Citadel
  • Sultan Hassan Mosque and more to go.

Cairo is again a megacity, in fact, one of the great megacities in the whole world. It is beautiful, it is crazy and rich, very rich in historic finery. Travellers love this city because if you can look beyond the modern hub, there is a history that spans several centuries. It is full of vigour, especially talking of its street life. In fact, a trip to Egypt is an incomplete one without visiting this place. Here is The Mother of the World or the Umm al-Dunya, as called by the Arabs.

Try us as we are the Best Travel Agency in Edmonton.

3. Beirut

Its tourist attractions, the best ones, are as below:

  •  National Museum of Beirut
  • Zaitunay Bay
  • Mim Museum – Mineral Museum
  • Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque
  • Pigeon Rocks in Raouche
  • The American University of Beirut and many more.

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. And it is the largest city here. It is a hub of history as well as culture and there is a lot to see for visitors from around the world. Especially, if you are someone interested in history and cultural variety, then this will definitely amaze you with its unique styles. It is a city that has even successfully survived ravages of time as well as that of wars. There is still so much you will be able to see. Beirut Souks will be an interesting place here if you wish to do some shopping. It is an architectural wonder Downtown.

Now, we have seen enough of these three locations, which are only a few from our list. We take you to far more destinations if you choose.

Benefits of choosing us

You will be at a great gain in case you finally try us, Travel Agency in Edmonton for planning your trip ahead. These benefits will be in the form of the following:

  • Great deals and offers upon bookings.
  • Bookings for hotels as well as flight tickets.
  • The comfort of your home to plan and finalize the trip.
  •  Enough time to do the complete planning of the future journey.
  •  Our full-time availability for you in case you have a query.
  •  We also take time to find out offers and discounts in case you missed out on any of those valid for you.
  •  There is much more such as 200 domestic and international flights available through us.
  •  Also, you have the choice to be made from so many destinations around the world for your trip.
  •  We are an award-winning travel agency here in Canada.
  •  And we have the best services for you and your loved ones to plan a trip.
  •  Help plan the most inexpensive trips possible.

So, these are some of the advantages you get for choosing us to book flights and plan trips around the world. Also, you will get all the basic details easily through our website. Still, if you come across some queries, we are always there to resolve them. We, Best Travel Agency in Edmonton have our helplines open all time for you. We are an experienced company with a large happy clientele. You will be glad to have chosen us for the whole planning and will surely select us for your future trips as well. So do not wait and start your planning now itself through our website, if you are willing to go on a journey soon.


Holidays are such an important and memorable part of our lives. They need to be made special. And we help you do that easily. You not only get the cheapest flights through us, Travel Agency in Edmonton, but you also make the whole journey comparatively inexpensive and more enjoyable for you and for those who are your company. So give us a call now and know more about the best deals offered by us.

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