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Are you finding it tough and costly to plan a trip this time? Do you need support so that your bills are lowered and your holidays are better? We are an award-winning travel agency, that’s right here to help you with the booking of Cheap Flight Tickets from Toronto. Holidays need to be fun. And one of the best ways to spend them is through trips and tours with loved ones. So planning is needed, something we make so easy for you. We are a Canadian company that works for people to travel from Toronto and several other regions to plan and carry out a memorable journey worldwide. We will be mentioning the details of some of the amazing destinations waiting only for you to visit them. Here you go.

1. Paris

First, let us see some nice attractions in the capital city of France:

  •  Eiffel Tower
  •  Hop on Hop off Bus
  •  Tour Montparnasse Notre Dame
  •  Seine River Cruise
  •  Paris Walking Tour
  •  Sainte Chapelle and more.

Now, the best place to start your visit to Paris is with its most magnificent, the very tall, Eiffel Tower. It is, after all, the most iconic landmark here. Besides the beautiful building, you can also enjoy the view around. It includes one from the Trocadero Gardens across the river, or it can be from the Champ de Mars gardens, that’s right behind the Tower. Then you may of course begin with enjoying the other attractive locations there.

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2. Athens

  • Here are some of its attractions:
  •  The Acropolis
  • Acropolis Museum
  •  National Archaeology Museum
  •  Ancient Agora: Ruins of the Marketplace
  •  Museum of Cycladic Art
  •  The Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library
  •  Olympieion: Temple of Olympian Zeus and more.

Now, you should visit this place for its archaeological importance and if you are interested in history and historical monuments. There are museums to visit and to see the enriched beauty of the worthy stuff preserved for decades there in the museums. If such a place interests you and you also wish to build some knowledge about Athens, then this is a perfect place for you. Athens, while being a symbol of Western civilization, its history reaches back to more than 3000 years. It is a capital city with a glorious past.

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3. Jordan

Here are some Jordan attractions for visitors:

  •  Wadi Rum
  •  Dead Sea
  •  Karak Castle
  •  The Gulf of Aqaba
  •  Desert Castles
  •  Wadi Bin Hammad
  •  Ruins at Umm Qais and more.

Jordan is very liberal as well as a very progressive country. It has some nice shopping centres for you to do some nice shopping. It has secluded desert for a completely different experience. There are magnificent cliffs along with the breathtaking sea for its visitors. Furthermore, the nation also consists of some of the best in landscapes and architectural ruins. And what’s more? You can enjoy really delicious and variety of food here to savour with your family and friends. Now, who can say a no to that? Further, you can also go with desert castles and nature reserves. There are even some UNESCO heritage sites here in Jordan for you to visit.

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4. London

Well, now this is just an amazing place to visit at least once in a lifetime. Here are some London attractions for you:

  •  The Tower of London and Tower Bridge
  • Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard
  •  The British Museum
  •  Big Ben and Parliament
  •  National Gallery
  •  The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and more.

London, the capital of England, is known to be one of the top tourist destinations in the whole world. It gets more than 20 million tourists a year from around the world. It is known for vibrancy in arts and its entertainment centres. While its theatres are always busy, the country music scene still rocks. There are cultural attractions such as royal palaces and people’s parliament. Then there are some breathtaking views like those of the River Thames and many more to go. Some places are even free to visit for the tourists. There are endless activities you can do to enjoy to the fullest.

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5. Prague

Below is a list of tourist attractions here in Prague:

  •  Prague castle
  • Charles Bridge
  •  Wenceslas Square
  •  The National Museum
  • The Clementinum and the National Library
  •  The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock
  • St. Vitus Cathedral and more to go.

Prague is known to be the city of a thousand years. That is due to the fact that when you glance over its 1100-year-old skyline, you get to see a splendid view series of lovely structures of domed churches along with soaring towers. And all these combine to form Prague one of the architectural gems of the world. Again, there are so many examples of several different kinds of styles dotting the city, such as Baroque style and Renaissance style and more. You can visit the Old Town which is a delightful place to go. Or you can also make a visit to Charles Bridge and Jewish Quarter and many historic churches.

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Now that we have read enough of the five of many locations where trips booked in Canada will take you, we would like to talk a bit about ourselves. We give you best deals, 24*7 helpline as well as many more great facilities. There are exciting offers and you can do the planning all at home with the complete comfort of time and place. You can even consult your family about the trip and plan after taking their ideas and opinions. Besides all this, you can plan the trip the best way when you have all time and online facility.

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