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Ever wondered there can be easy ways online to plan and book your holiday trips? Well, there are now and one of the best is our Trips Booker Canada. We take you from some of the locations here to worldwide destinations. This helps you with several benefits also. For example, you can get nice deals and offers along with discounts. We have a connection with about 200 flight service providers, both domestic and international, so you have that advantage too. There is a lot more when you try us for planning the trips. We also have the best vacation destinations from Toronto.

You get the benefit of online services and you can plan and do the booking any minute. We have complete support for you when you have any questions. So, when planning holidays and journeys outside from locations such as Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and more in Canada, do not forget us.

We shall now be discussing some locations of the world you can visit through us. We assure you the best services when it comes to a well-planned trip. You can try us for great all inclusive family vacations from Toronto. So get the following details and visit our website for further knowledge. Here we go:

Some interesting locations to visit during holidays

1. Accra, The Capital Of Ghana

Below are some tourist locations in Accra for you:

  • Aburi Botanical Gardens: Filled with trees and plants from around the world.
  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park: The final resting place of the first President of Ghana.
  • Makola Market: You can use it to peep into the Ghanaian working ethics.
  • Bojo Beach: It is an endless coastline with white sand. There is a murky ocean around.
  • Accra Mall: The reason for the country’s economy boost.

There are several other locations worth visiting besides those mentioned above. Further, you can have some fun with mountain bike tours in the city, with walking tours, shopping malls as well as private sightseeing tours and monuments and statues.

This place is fun for family and friends both, coming to enjoy a different city far off with nice places to visit and adventures to explore. And it great as all inclusive family vacations from Toronto as well.

2. Riyadh

Here are some of the sites to visit:

  • Kingdom Centre Tower: This is the tallest building, that of KSA featuring shopping malls, offices as well as residential units.
  • Al Bujairi Heritage Park: This is the Saudi royal family’s original home.
  • National Museum: It coincides with the first Saudi state’s inception.
  • Al Masmak Fortress: This is a great facility of world-class. It is meant for the international audience and gives you a glimpse of the history of the country, Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Nakheel Mall: You can get some branded garments as well as pizzas and burgers along with KFC, McDonald’s.

So there does seem a lot here too for the visitors from all around the globe. You can go around on cultural tours and historical tours. Or you can enjoy some archaeological tours and shopping malls along with monuments and statues of the place. This will be one of the best vacation destinations from Toronto.

3. Entebbe, In Uganda

Below are its tourist locations or popular destinations:

  • Uganda wildlife Conservation Education Centre: This place is best for the scenes to visit the wildlife here.
  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary: In this area, you can also have a boat ride and a lot of fun. There is this largest lake on the African continent where you will be riding your boat and enjoying warm waters and waves of the same.
  • Entebbe Botanic Gardens: You can here go to the shore of Lake Victoria and enjoy some monkeys too in the area around.
  • Lake Victoria: This is a huge lake with hotels nearby with its beautiful views.
  • Uganda Reptile Village: This is a park and you go with a tour guide. He explains to you all about the park as well as its reptiles.

It is clear that the place is the best for wildlife lovers and if you are planning a trip with children to Africa’s Uganda. There is a lot in nature and wildlife for visitors. There are also forests for adventurous ones and day trips are wonderful. You can even do hiking, climbing along with ziplining and going on safaris. No doubt, this is a truly wonderful location for the ones who love nature and animals, the wild and the adventures. Again, great as all inclusive family vacations from Toronto.

Now, that you have read enough of the three locations, let us get on to our own company.

We and our exceptional services for you

You get a lot of great services at our place, some of which we have already talked about. Plus, there will be all basic to additional services for clearing your doubts. You will have a wonderful journey when you plan trips through us and our website of the Trips Booker Canada. We have services from various locations including Calgary. You will be more than glad to have chosen us for the same. Having won awards, we claim to be an experienced and high-quality service provider as a travel agency here in the country. We even help you out with planning activities such as paragliding or enjoying waterfalls and more, as per the place. Further, we also have winter vacation Packages from Toronto for you. So you can go along with them too when planning trips.


Therefore, choosing the right company is important. When you make the right choice, you get benefits and great services and make the best plan for the trip. So we welcome you to our website for planning out your complete journey to any location in the world. Also, try us for some nice and wonderful winter vacation Packages from Toronto. So dont wait anymore to book your first trip with trips bookers to experience the awesome holidays.


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